The Meistersinger Antwerp City edition

Knowing where home is

The MeisterSinger City Edition 2019

MeisterSinger makes mechanical watches for people who know what is important to them. This includes the special type of display that does not divide the flow of time into hectic tiny units. And also the balanced aesthetic design of the timepieces in the great tradition of scientific instrument making. Depending on how conspicuous it is, a watch can make a statement. Whatever, it is something that gives a personal affirmation every time you look at it; not only in terms of style.

Home represented with a picture and a motto

This time the basis is the classic model No.03-40mm, which fits male and female wrists equally well with its modest diameter. The dark blue dial has a fine sun-brushed finish. Unlike the standard model, the applied hour markers and the bezel of the date window are gold-colored. And the dial features the words “City Edition” in fine cursive lettering. The allegiance to the place dear to the wearer’s heart stays private and can be found on the back: A typical silhouette on the glass back shows the place where the owner feels at home. Furthermore, a motto is engraved in the stainless steel case – sometimes traditional, sometimes related to a recent event.

Needless to say, the wearers of such a watch are aware of the subtle differences to the production model; they recognize the City Edition on another person’s wrist and perhaps ask them about their favorite place. A love of the place called home can establish deep connections, especially when home is not the same place.

The watches of the City Edition 2019 are powered by a Swiss automatic movement, which can be seen through the screwed back of the 40 mm stainless steel case. They are waterproof up to 5 bar and are supplied with a saddle leather strap.

The Antwerp City Edition

For the Antwerp City Edition Meistersinger cooperated with Jewelry shop Colman. On the backside of the watch you will find the Skyline and the Motto of the city of Antwerp: De rest is parking. The watch has a numbered and limited production of 10 pieces.

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