Maison Fred

Unrivalled creativity and expertise allied to virtuosity in setting and lacquering.

These define the Maison FRED’s vision of jewelry, blending exquisite craftsmanship with sense of style, as seen in its bold, adaptable tiaras which the wearer can transform with a pendant or earrings.

The jewelry Maison has a history of choosing vibrant, naturally colorfulstones, combining diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts or even quartz with the different shades of gold. Hard, fine stones or materials such as lacquer, ceramic and motherof- pearl also adorn the Maison’s many creations.

Other characteristic features of FRED’s pieces include buckles, cables, cords and links, whether flexible or fixed, single or combined. Finally, the Maison’s wish to make jewelry joyful, bringing pleasure and creativity to daily life, finds expression in the ability to mix and match stones and bracelets.

273 jewels

Live the joy

More than ever, we need to celebrate Love and Happiness.

Maison FRED invites you to cherish the small and big moments of life.
​#LiveTheJoy defines Fred Samuel's philosophy. It's an ode to living your life fully and making every moment count.

The Collections

Force 10

Force 10

The force 10 collection can be worn in a thousand and one ways, every day, as one wishes. Both timeless and modern due to its interchangeability, its unisex aesthetic adapts to each personality. By orchestrating the unexpected encounter between a braided steel sailing cable and a gold buckle, two materials that had previously seemed polar opposites, fred made its mark on the history of jewellery. A striking avant-garde vision, this bracelet has since inspired a collection that is both relaxed and bejewelled which offers worn for women and men through bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, with or without diamonds, but also sunglasses. To the original creative daring was added versatility, and an energetic spectrum of upbeat colour.

Discover the Force 10 collection
Chance Infinie

Chance Infinie

Seize the opportunity and take a chance. This is the path fred samuel followed all his life. And the one that shaped the creation of the jewelry and hight jewelry chance infinie collection, which celebrates the softness and strength of femininity. Inspired by the lemniscate, a sign of infinity and eternity, the infinite chance motif appears eternal. Placed on the skin, as close as possible to the soul, this enending curl acts like a talisman. On women’s fingers, the chance infinie ring unfolds its charm like a precious amulet. Available as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, in pavé diamonds and other stones such as rubies, or enhanced by turquoise lacquer, the delicate and feminine scrolls of chance infinie radiate confidence and joie de vivre.

The Chance Infinie collection
Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Fred is celebrating love and dedicating to it a major collection of both jewellery and high jewellery: ‘pretty woman’. Today, at a time when love has acquired such personal significance for each of us, fred draws inspiration from this iconic necklace to make its new pretty woman collection a modern expression of love’s many different facets under the precept ‘your way your love’.

This vision is captured in a distinctive aesthetic, ‘the heart within a heart’, and a collection for women that comes in different styles: necklaces, rings, bracelets in gold, diamonds and rubellites. More than any other collection, pretty woman invites the game of mix and match.

Pretty Woman
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