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“Fabbrica del lusso Italiano contemporaneo” (Factory of Italian contemporary luxury): this is what says Nanis’s logo, and what probably expresses the essence of the company better. Nanis was born in 1990 from the desire of creative designer Laura Bicego and her husband Piero Marangon to create high quality jewels capable to rewrite the concept of luxury and to fully express the sophisticated contemporary woman with the precious language of gold. Nanis is in fact encounter, contamination, fusion between heritage and artisan savoir faire with contemporary taste. Jewels in 18kt gold, diamonds and natural stones, that with the elegance of tradition rewrite the present, infusing modernity to the ancient art of Italian jewelry.

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IVY Collection

IVY Collection

A masterpiece of craftsmanship and a hymn to modernity at the same time.
IVY is an embracing and unique necklace in 18kt gold and diamonds pearls, the perfect companion for elegant, sophisticated and travelling women, who tastefully rewrite the concept of luxury.

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Necklaces and pendants have accompanied man since the earliest times. Primitive people created necklaces as early as the Paleolithic and since then this jewel has never ceased to be worn by the mankind.

Chanel, Y-shaped (lariat), choker, collars, statement, dainty or chain: explore all Nanis’ interpretations of this jewel, made in 18kt gold, diamonds and beautiful natural stones such as aquamarine, London blue topaz, amethyst, black onyx, ruby, white opal, just to name a few. Let yourself be seduced by these necklaces, all handmade in Italy.

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Discover Nanis 18kt gold earrings, all hand-crafted in Italy and available in many models. With diamonds, hoops (big or small), ball drops, studs, pendants, earrings thought for who has many ear holes but also for who doesn’t and is looking for the piercing effect.

Versatile and contemporary, these masterpieces of fine jewelry are made in 18kt gold, diamonds and natural stones (such as ruby, aquamarine, sapphire, amethyst, London blue topaz and many more…) and are perfect for every occasion.

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Nanis bracelets are made in Italy with 18kt gold, diamonds and natural stones (such as aquamarine, London blue topaz, onyx, ruby and many more) and are available in different models: tennis, bangles, versatile and changeable bracelets that become necklaces, or decorated with our gold beads.
Venture in Nanis collections and find the model that fits you the most!

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The ring is the jewel that par excellence adorns the hands. Traditionally, it should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand: according to the most romantic legends, in fact, the 'vena amoris', a vein connected directly to the heart, would pass through this finger. This belief makes the ring the perfect gift for an engagement or marriage proposal, but also the symbol of the emotional bond that you can have with a special person, or a precious gift for a particular occasion.

For Nanis designers, reinterpreting this jewel has always been a very exciting challenge, which has led to the creation of the most diverse rings: from the solitaire to the eternity model, till the crossover or band rings and much more. Discover these unique jewels, all made of 18kt gold in Italy, in Vicenza.

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