Elegantie, traditie en prestatie

Longines is sinds 1832 gevestigd in het Zwitserse Saint-Imier. De expertise in horlogemaken weerspiegelt een sterke toewijding aan traditie, elegantie en prestaties. Met jarenlange ervaring in tijdsregistratie voor wereldkampioenschappen in de sportwereld of als partner van internationale sportfederaties, maakt Longines - bekend om de elegantie van haar uurwerken - deel uit van de Swatch Group Ltd, 's werelds toonaangevende fabrikant van horologerie. Het merk, herkenbaar aan het logo met de gevleugelde zandloper, heeft nu vestigingen in meer dan 150 landen.

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Longines Spirit

The Pioneer Spirit Lives On

Take all elements drawn from the days of pioneering aviation.
Update them. You got the new Spirit collection.

La Grande Classique de Longines

La Grande Classique de Longines


Launched in 1992, La Grande Classique de Longines has played a major role in forging the reputation of the winged hourglass brand. This range is a symbol of Longines classic elegance and timeless sophistication, and stands out thanks to its very slim profile and wide palette of versions. Designed for both women and men, this iconic collection can be seen on the wrists of all those who know how to appreciate true value.

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The Présence collection remains true to the classic, timeless elegance that characterises the Swiss watch brand Longines. Its structured case with understated lines, will delight both men and women alike. All of these characteristics come together to make this line an essential part of the Longines collection.

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The Longines Master Collections

The Longines Master Collections

Watchmaking Tradition

As a traditional watchmaking company, Longines has been producing exceptional timepieces since the very beginning. Today, the Longines Master Collection is the perfect illustration of this corporate ethos, as can be seen from the success enjoyed by this range since it was launched in 2005. All fitted with self-winding movements, the various models in this collection offer many special features. The Longines Master Collection brings together the classical elegance and excellent quality which never cease to delight those who appreciate exceptional timepieces.

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Longines Spirit

Longines Spirit


Historically, Longines has accompanied legendary pioneers as they conquer air, land and sea. Today, the winged hourglass brand has drawn inspiration from this heritage to create Longines Spirit, a collection with an impeccable pedigree. This collection links history with innovation by combining references to the glory days of aviation with present-day aesthetic and technical requirements. These resolutely contemporary timepieces are a testimony to the pioneering spirit that has inspired the brand since its earliest days. A glowing tribute to these exceptional men and women who, by a record, an exploit or a display of courage, have left their mark on history - pushing new generations to surpass themselves.

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The pioneering spirit

Today, Longines combines the original beauty of the most remarkable of its former products with cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The Heritage models are a tribute to the pioneering spirit that has inspired Longines designers since the company’s early days. The brand’s products accompanied many pioneers in their adventures in the air, on land and under the sea. The very core of Longines timepieces is based on this expertise. They demonstrate the continuity of a brand and that brand’s continual ability to pay tribute to history through refinement and elegance.

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